DFAT Travel Advice: Egypt (updated)

•We advise you not to travel to Egypt because of ongoing civil unrest and the high threat of terrorist attack.
•If you are currently in Egypt, and concerned about the security situation, you should leave if it is safe to do so. Dependents of Embassy staff have been authorised to leave on a voluntary basis.
•The security situation may affect Embassy opening hours. Australians in Egypt who require emergency consular assistance should in the first instance contact the Embassy directly on +202 2575 0444 or the Consular Emergency Centre on +61 1300 555 135.
•Since 25 January 2011, violent demonstrations have occurred at locations across Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, resulting in deaths and injuries. The situation remains unpredictable and may deteriorate quickly. Demonstrations could occur in any part of Egypt. Australians should avoid all demonstrations as they may turn violent. You should register your travel and contact details, so we can contact you in an emergency.
•The army is on the streets of the main towns and there are widespread reports of arson and looting. The civil police are not present to maintain law and order. Self protection groups have reportedly formed in some areas.
•The Government has imposed a curfew between 4pm and 8am. This situation may last for some time. You should respect curfew provisions and follow the advice of local authorities.
•International airports in Egypt remain open, although there are reports that numerous flights to and from the country have been cancelled or rescheduled.
•There are disruptions to communications networks, particularly mobile phones and the internet.

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