Israel Attractions

There are many great places to visit in Israel if you want to enjoy the most pleasurable summer vacation. As a country that faces directly the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has a number of beaches that have long become some of the most famous tourist destinations in the Middle East. You can find beautiful beaches and*luxury resorts in such Israeli cities as Tel Aviv and Eilat where you can enjoy scuba diving, sunbathing and many other attractive beachside activities. The Mediterranean coastal strip is not the only water attraction that Israel can offer to visitor. There are also a number of bodies of water surrounded by Israeli land that also become favorite tourist destinations, such as the Sea of Galilee where you can enjoy sunny beaches and hotel resorts and visit a number of holy places, such as Bethsaida, Tel Hadar, Kursi, and Mount of Beatitudes; and the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the Earth’s surface and the deepest saline lake in the world, where you can enjoy unusual buoyancy that allows you to float on the water with relative ease even if you can’t swim. Other places that make Israel tours interesting are Jerusalem, one of the holiest cities for the three Abrahamic religions; Acre and Haifa, the two most important cities for Baha’is; Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown; Golan Heights, where you can enjoy the first Israeli ski resort; Beersheba; and Caesarea.

Because Israel is stormed by tourists throughout the year, and it becomes unusually crowded during high seasons, lodging planning is something that you have to do in advance before you depart from your hometown. You may not be able to get a good hotel if you try to find one after you arrive at Israel. Therefore, one or two weeks before your departure, find a hotel that suits your preference and traveling budget and book its room as early as possible.

In order to conveniently find all Israel hotels where you can stay during your visit to that country, you can use internet. There are a number of hotels in Israel that you can find online using any online search engines that you are friendly with and you can book one of their rooms conveniently online. Just make sure the hotel that you choose is located near your vacation destinations so that you won’t experience any problem if you want to get an access your favorite places from your hotel.