Japan meets Bali at the Rush Bamboo Restaurant

It’s just a few days since The Elysian launched their new Japanese fusion menus at the Rush Bamboo Restaurant and we are delighted to announce they were a roaring success. Don’t take our word for it though. We’ll pass you over to Bali based PR agent, Bill Quinlan who dropped us a line to say, “What a night! It was gourmet food nonstop and what food it was. Pork belly with spicy miso - I had two servings. It was sublime, and as to the signature duck breast with balsamic sauce… I felt I really had to have two helpings. The wagyu beef was rare and seared to perfection. My last foray (before I waddled off) was the delicious crème brulee. What a night!”

Around 100 agents and media professionals were welcomed to the Elysian with cocktails and canapés then were entertained by a contemporary Japanese Dance troupe. After a very popular photo session with the dancers, Head Chef Banjaro spoke about his vision for this new cooking style before impressing all the guests with his superb 6-course menu.

By the end of the evening compliments were flowing for both the new concept and Chef Banjaro’s exquisite cooking. Megumi Honma of Plumeria Bali Travel Agents was heard to say that she loved the spicy miso and mango salsa in the pork belly as it was a little different to a traditional Japanese miso but still reflected Japanese tastes. Her colleague Emi Ariyamthi added, “I really admire how Chef Banjaro has created this unique Japanese inspired food yet he is not Japanese.”

We’d like to add special thank you to everyone who joined us for the evening and were so enthusiastic about the latest innovations at the Elysian and Rush Bamboo Restaurant.