HSMAI is Chartered in Australia

Bob Gilbert, CEO and President of HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) presented the chapter charter to HSMAI Australia in Sydney. Arriving in Australia during a visit to the Asia Pacific Region, Sydney was the first stopover of a trip to visit three new HSMAI chapters in the Region.

HSMAI is the leading industry source for knowledge, community and recognition for leaders committed to professional development, sales growth, revenue optimization, marketing and branding. It is the largest and most active travel, tourism and hospitality marketing association in the world. With a mission to grow the business at hotels and their partners through sales, marketing and revenue optimization, HSMAI's vision is to be the industry's leading partner and advocate for intelligent, sustainable total hotel revenue management. The association is focused on the professional development of the members and the business development of the hotel properties for who they work.

Following a meeting with the chapter leaders, Bob Gilbert presented the Australia Chapter Charter to Jackie Douglas, Online Marketing for Qantas, who is the President of the HSMAI Australia Chapter. The chapter leaders in Australia include Lynne Ireland of Preferred Hotels, Amanda Cottome of Hotel Urban St Leonards, Alistair Shackman of Hostec, Benjamin Weinmann of Lido, Grahame Tate of IDeaS and Erik Munoz of Softbrands. They will lead the chapter to develop programmes for members which will include some training workshop for sales, marketing and revenue management, plus a hospitality industry conference later in the year.

"It is wonderful to have a chapter of HSMAI chartered in Australia", said Bernadette Dennis, Managing Director of HSMAI Asia Pacific. "It is going to be an exciting year for HSMAI and the chapter's leadership team has developed some wonderful programmes for members that will fuel sales, inspire marketing and optimize revenue".