The Future of Consumerism is Collaboration

Lowering the costs of living and reducing environmental impacts are two key factors driving collaborative consumption - a movement that is a rapidly spreading throughout Australia and the world.

An increase in online communities and social connectivity has enabled people to swap, share, trade and rent goods via collaborative consumption, fundamentally altering the way consumers interact with products.

DriveMyCar Rentals is a prime example of this trend. This revolutionary peer to peer (P2P) car rental company facilitates private car rentals, connecting individual car owners with drivers who can rent their cars for up to 12 months at a time.

Daniel Noble, founder, owner and user of DriveMyCar Rentals, said: "Collaborative consumption may sound like another buzz word but in fact it's a new way of thinking about the use of consumer goods.

"Not everyone needs a car at their disposal 24-7, so we provide car owners with a way of earning money off their second biggest asset and drivers with a car rental option that is up to 60% cheaper than alternatives.

"Once people try the service they are usually converted. We have examples of people who have given up car ownership in favour of renting a private vehicle as they save so much money.

"Likewise, some users completely off-set the monthly ownership costs of their car simply by renting it out instead of letting it sit and depreciate in value in the garage." The term collaborative consumption was coined by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers, co-authors of What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption. Examples of the trend are particularly evident in populous areas, with the UK and US showing numerous examples of newly formed companies enabling this new way of consuming goods.

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About DriveMyCar Rentals
DriveMyCar Rentals is an Australian owned and operated, revolutionary peer to peer (P2P) car rental concept that was launched in November 2008. DriveMyCar Rentals was the first P2P car rental company worldwide and similar operations have since begun in the UK and US.

DriveMyCar Rentals offers more than 37 brands of cars - from sports cars like Ferrari and Porsche to mainstream brands such as BMW, Toyota, Ford and Honda. A wide range of models are available on DriveMyCar Rentals including utes, vans, hatchbacks, sedans, 4WD and sports cars. In general, renters can save up to 60% when compared with traditional car rental options.

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